Thursday, 6/29/2017, 6.00 pm, Heinrich Hertz Hörsaal, Building 10.11, KIT Campus South


The second »Karlsruhe Science Film Days« will be opened with a selection of the best films submitted.

Opening and Official Selection

Presenter: Wolfgang Petroll

6.00 pm   Salutation: Prof. Dr. Caroline Y. Robertson von Trotha
6.00 pm   First Film Session
 The Berrymakers, Austria 2017, 22 Min., OV with Subtitles, Director: Camillo Meinhart
    Biene Majas wilde Schwestern, Germany 2016, 44 Min., Director: Jan Haft
Einstein-Rosen, Spain 2016, 9 Min., OV with Subtitles, Director: Olga Osorio
7.40 pm   Break
7.50 pm   Second Film Session
Atome Sweet Home, France 2015, 52 Min., OV with Subtitles, Directors: Raphäel Girardot & Vincent Gaullier
Cyborgs: Human Machines, Germany 2017, 45 Min., Director: Luisa Wawrzinek

Admission free